This team believes it's not only what you do,
but how well you do it. 

The Stan's-Pivot Pro Team is the program of Rio Olympian Chloe Woodruff and her husband TJ. They decided that they can use their experience to build one of the strongest mountain bike teams in the country and added Rose Grant to the racing roster. Together, Chloe and Rose each have multi National Championships to their names. 

We've been the official designers for the program for a number of years handling their apparel, e-mail campaigns, and all print materials that they use at events and sponsor negotiations.

Riding photography : Lear Miller



  • Apparel design
  • Team promotional design/production
  • Email design

Chloe Woodruff_Stans_Pivot_2017 - 152.jpg
Chloe Woodruff_Stans_Pivot_2017 - 105.jpg
Chloe Woodruff_Stans_Pivot_2017 - 157.jpg